First Aid Kits - Great for the car, home,

boat or workshop.

The revolutionary First Aid Kit has been

created with you in mind. Particular

attention has been given to its

organisation and ease of use.

All items have been given their own

special place with an identifying label that

indicates its identity and purpose

returning the items to the same place

every time, you'll know where to find

them immediately in an emergency.

The Kit has been manufactured from the

best quality materials, is water resistant

and will last a lifetime.

Why not go through your kitchen cabinet

and discard all those out-of-date

medicines and get yourself organised

with the SURVIVAL First Aid Kit?

You may want to put one in the car or

boat. This rugged kit can be taken

anywhere. Hang it from a hook, swing it

from your belt or backpack, carry it by

hand, whatever… but keep it handy and

out of reach of children.

Used by health professionals and

emergency services.

"Its great! It will never leave my side and I

take it with me everywhere. I've thrown

out all the other kits I've ever used and

only use the Survival kit now. I've thrown

it down caves for rescues and taken it to

road accident scenes, it has everything

you need it for all occasions. It can even

be used as a pillow!"

  Len Ryan, NSW Rural Fire Service

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Survival First Aid Kit

Learn CPR at the first aid centre of Tasmania


+ Postage and Handling $10.00 

The First Aid Emergency Handbook is

the book of choice for trainers and safety


The information is technically correct,

clear and positive.

If you are a trainer, our Workbook

can be used in your training courses.

Author Ella Tyler is one of Australia's

foremost experts on first aid practice.

She has helped make first aid information

understandable and accessible to

hundreds of thousands of Australians.

We can also provide any of our books

with your own cover.

There are good reasons why

the Handbook is the only book

to win the coveted Australian

Design Award:

    the tabbed pages allows

you to find each section


    the spiral binding ensures

that the book stays open at

the page you want

    the heavy paper will not

tear or damage easily

    each step to first aid is

as easy to follow as 1, 2, 3

    you can find it quickly -

use the magnet to hang it

on your fridge or first aid


$39.00 + Postage and Handling $10.00 
Learn CPR at the first aid centre of Tasmania

 CPR Step by Step

Resuscitation saves millions of lives

every year worldwide. Like all life skills,

you need to know or be taught the right


The CPR Handbook gives you the latest

best practice when using Resuscitation.

It helps first aid trainers teach the right

methods and is a good reference for

every home.

The step by step instructions are clear and

simple to follow.

Personalised covers are available upon


Quantity orders are available.

Learn CPR at the first aid centre of Tasmania

Like the First Aid Emergency

Handbook the CPR Handbook

has easy to see tabs for each

of the main sections:





Take a look at our range of first aid kits and books.

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DAY TO DAY ITEMS - Easily unzipped

panel which can be packed outside

KIT for everyday use

50 Adhesive dressings,

individually wrapped

Pencil & notepad

Rust-resistant forceps

(tweezers) with tip guard

Digital thermometer

5 Disposable splinter


Blunt/sharp scissors, 12.5cm

Survival First Aid in Brief



3 Packs of 3 sterile cotton gauze

swabs, 7.5 cm x 7. 5 cm

3 Elastic gauze bandages 5 cm,

7.5. cm, 10 cm

10 Antiseptic wipes

3 Sterile wound dressings

(BPC No.15)

12 Safety pins

Pocket pack tissues

2 Individually packed sterile

non-adhesive dry dressings,

10 cm x 10 cm

3 Combine dressings, sterile

2 Sterile eye pads

3 Individual plastic bags

2 Pairs nitrile gloves, large size

4 Triangular bandages,

BP quality

2 Heavy weight crepe

bandages, 7. 5 cm, 10 cm

6 Saline (15ml)

1 Bandage shears

Foil blanket

Roll 25 mm hypo-allergenic

strapping tape

Disposable resuscitation face

shield in separate pouch

Fold Out Section

The KIT includes a fold out section

with a zipper on it that allows you to

include your own items in the KIT to

customise it to your exact needs.

Just another reason why this KIT is

a must have.

First Aid Workbook

The First Aid Emergency Handbook is

the reference book for students of first

aid. The Workbook offers practical

questions and case studies which help

you teach first aid.

It has been written to use with the First

Aid Emergency Handbook.

Many first aid trainers are using the

package of Workbook and First Aid

Emergency Handbook for their courses.

Author Dianne Ryan-Butters has

extensive experience teaching teachers

about first aid. She has developed and

delivered courses for industry and

academic institutions.

Quantity orders are available.

Learn CPR at the first aid centre of Tasmania
$16.50 + Postage and Handling $10.00 
$19.20 + Postage and Handling $10.00 

Perfect for students

Up-to-date information

Coloured tabs for easy


A first-aid book especially for students.

Basic Emergency Life Support, 2nd ed

has been developed for school and

TAFE students and is a simplified version

of the popular First Aid Emergency

Handbook, 4th ed. The 64-page book

has coloured tabs to assist with easy

access to the relevant topic. It has been

revised in line with the new CPR

Guidelines issued by the Australian

Resuscitation Council in December 2010.

Basic Emergency Life Support, 2nd ed,

features a separate CPR section at the

front of the book followed by an

alphabetical listing of the first aid topics.

It contains various supplementary topics

at the end of the publication to assist the

student to understand important first-aid

concepts and to master some key

first-aid skills.

Basic Emergency Life Support, 2nd ed,

meets the competency requirements of

HLTFA201B 'Provide Basic Emergency

Life Support' in the revised Australian

Health Training Package HLT07. The

book is a valuable teaching and learning